Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spotlight Of The Week: Physical Graffiti

While everyone is riding the Nicki Minaj wave, I'm pushin one of my favorite Female Emcee's/ Emcees, Physical Graffiti. Now Physical Graffiti and I kind of go way back, we've been apart of the same collective of emcee's(She split), we even hit stage together, but never got a track done. Nevertheless, Physical is now on her grind once again! Her joint "Love" has been featured on a few websites, her classic joint "201" was featured on IheartDilla.Com as well as a few online mixtapes. She is currently apart of JSL and has been killing shows all thru New Jersey & New York. With her passion and ear for good music and dope beats there is no telling what 2011 holds for Physical Graffiti! This Saturday if your in Newark,NJ she will be performing at the Coffee Cave, the address is 45 Halsey Street from 6-11pm! Peep the joints below! 



Physical Graffiti:
Physical Graffiti Facebook 
Physical Graffiti On Reverbnation 
Follow Physical Graffiti @SuffocatedLove 


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